Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot

Last week when Baby N wasn't feeling well and had a fever of 101 at the pedi office and my cheapie rectal thermometer they sent home with us said 97.8, I went to Target looking for a good, reliable thermometer.  I found this one and as a mom and a nurse, I.AM.IN.LOVE!

The Safety 1st ProGrade Complete Family Thermometer is awesome!  It has three different tips that have USB connectors to connect to the thermometer.  It has been very reliable and the best feature to me is that the rectal tip is made so that you cannot insert it too far in.  I have a huge fear of doing that!  It has definitely saved us a lot of trouble and made taking a sick baby's temp much easier!

***This is not a compensated review, just the opinion of a mom***


  1. I just wanted to tell you that even though we haven't met in person, I have been thinking of you lately. I hope that everything is going well and that is why you've been on my mind. I bet Christmas with Nicholas has been so much fun this year. Anyhow, I'm not on twitter anymore (time, privacy, etc) but my email is keenerfamily at gmail dot com.
    I miss your blog.